Jubilee Residences Foundation

Our goal is to provide a warm, human caring home for everyone who lives at Porteous Lodge and Stensrud Lodge. While medical care and basic support are important, they do not combat feelings of loneliness, helplessness and boredom. At Jubilee Residences we want to provide a nurturing atmosphere so we must raise money to cover costs for things not funded by government. Your contributions allow the Jubilee Residences Foundation to enhance the atmosphere in our homes. Provincial government funding does not cover the cost of most equipment, furnishings or enhancements to the living environment. In fact, government funding has been cut back over the past number of years and barely covers basic services.

Our Foundation Board

Donna Fracchia
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Joined 2017 JR Foundation Board; 2014 JR Inc Board
Jack Ostoforoff
View Bio President
Joined 2013
Vic Dubois
View Bio Director
Joined 2018
Brad Sylvester
Joined 2018
Mardele Atchison
Joined Joined 2018
Marg Lovas
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Joined 2008
Tim E. Turple
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Joined 1986 JR Inc Board and 2000 JR Foundation Board