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At Porteous Lodge our focus is our residents. We support people with a variety of challenges and needs by providing assistance with daily living on an individual basis including nursing and spiritual care, social and recreational activities, physical and occupational therapy services, excellent meals and personal attention.


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Porteous Lodge contains a number of neighbourhoods made up of residents, their families and the staff members who work in each area. This encourages the development of real relationships through meaningful contact, spontaneity, autonomy, joint-decision making, sharing of talents, activities, pet care and the ability to give and receive care.


Porteous Lodge is a 95-person accredited long-term care facility located on Avenue P North in the Mount Royal area of Saskatoon.


Admission and Cost


Admission to Porteous Lodge is handled by the Client Patient Assessment Services (CPAS) of the Saskatoon Health Region as all long-term care spaces are prioritized on a district-wide basis.


Monthly charges are set by the Ministry of Health based on each individual's income and are adjusted quarterly. As of April 2012 costs range from $1014 to $1931 per month.


Admissions are restricted to older adults who require considerable assistance with all the activities of their daily living and who have been placed on the priority waiting list of CPAS, Saskatoon Health Region.


CPAS may be contacted at (306) 655-4346.


Services and Amenities



Fee for Service



Porteous Lodge Director of Care Team

Karen Chaskavich

Telephone: 382-2626

Facsimile: 382-2633



Additional Information:

Welcome to Porteous and Stensrud Lodges (PDF)


Porteous Lodge Quality of Care Results Summary (PDF)

Porteous Lodge Activity / Recreation Schedule (PDF)

Jubilee Residences News (PDF)

Porteous Lodge Wish List (PDF)



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Providing excellent

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