Current Campaigns

Comforts of Home

This initiative entails room renovations, where each room in Porteous Lodge and Stensrud Lodge would receive a fresh coat of paint, a new bedside table and chest of drawers with soft corners providing improved safety, a new visitor chair and new window treatments. The current furnishings date back to the 1970’s. The cost for the resident room make-overs is estimated to be $5,000 per single resident room and $7,500 for a double room. Anyone who donates $2,500 would be given signage in the room to recognize their contribution.

Comforts of Home – Tub Room Project

In March 2017 Atmosphere Interior Designs was invited to partner with Jubilee Residences regarding the Comforts of Home Campaign – tub room project.  Curtis Elmy and Trevor Ciona from Atmosphere Interior Designs then reached out to SuRe InnoVations and Maison Design Build to request their involvement in the tub room project. The talent, expertise and collaboration of these individuals will ultimately enhance the bathing experience for the two-hundred residents who call Porteous Lodge and Stensrud Lodge home.  Through Jubilee’s “Comforts of Home” capital campaign, all eight tub rooms in the two long-term care homes in Saskatoon will be transformed into warm and inviting spaces.  It was decided the second floor tub room at Porteous Lodge will be the first to undergo renovations after Jubilee received an anonymous donation of $50,000 to purchase a new therapeutic tub for the room.

The design plan not only meets industry standards and codes but also incorporates those elements and special touches that will ultimately enhance the bathing experience for Jubilee’s long-term care residents. Towel warmers, soft lighting and music are some of the design elements that will be incorporated into the tub room, along with proper storage and cabinetry, new non-slip flooring, tile and paint.  Tom Redhead, SuRe InnoVations will provide the electrical and automation solutions to the project. Andrew Wagner of Maison Design Build has agreed to serve as the project manager. Jubilee Residences Inc. is thrilled to see the Saskatoon business community get behind the project.

“For those of us who work in long term care, it is so wonderful to see someone outside of our homes who truly gets it, who understands how much the simple but essential things, like a weekly bath, mean to our residents,” says Yvonne Morgan, CEO Jubilee Residences Inc. “Our residents have come to us from various backgrounds, from various areas of the province and they hope rather than expect that we will make their stay in our homes warm and comfortable and that we will understand and respect their needs and vulnerabilities.”

Long-term care homes are increasingly paying more attention to the importance of resident bathing, especially when it comes to maintaining an individual’s privacy and dignity. But replacing cold and sterile tub rooms with a warm and inviting environment and transforming the bathing process from a dreaded routine to a relaxing, pleasurable experience for residents comes with many challenges; the cost factor being one of them. Jubilee is hopeful the residents of Saskatoon will see the importance of the tub room transformations and financially support the project.  Project cost estimates are still being determined.  Donations to the tub room project will be recognized through signage in the tub rooms.